Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dear Visitors,

Do you think my recipe is worth for a competition with some other chef? Recently, you may have seen this logo in one of my post.

Wonder which post? Well the recipe is Vanghi Bhath. The rule was so simple - whoever win the Royal Foodie Joust have to select 3 ingredients. The 3 ingredients were a piece of cake for me: Brinjal, Lentil and cinnamon. Do you think I will miss this opportunity! I made the dish with leftover rice for the leftoverqueen. If you think my recipe is worth to be voted, here you go to the thread. But you need to register which take only few seconds. The poll starts now (Feb 2nd - will be open till 6th Feb.)

My recipe is Brinjal Rice / Vanghi Bhath by Spiceclub. I guess the only South-Indian flavor!

Thanks you for your support and encouragement,



Siri said...

Cham- How silly of me, I totally forgot that u participated in the Joust too!..

All the best to u and me too..:D

~ Siri