Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Idiyappam/Sevai varieties

Feeding or preparing healthy food for kids, becoming more and more challenging part for all moms. Each stage of the kid’s life, we need to change according to their taste and need.
As far as we know, all kids love Frozen items, time to time, I am battling with my only one son to incorporate some of our tasty Indian food too. When I saw the kid event, I just though my first Indian food that I introduce to my son. Well, it was this famous Idiyappam.
Keralite and Tamilian prepare for breakfast or tiffin. The fine steamed rice noodle is so light and easy to swallow.


Let see how this idiyappam got many transformations.
When my son was 7 months old, I introduced the idiyappam with his formula. I just soak it in warm formula and just fed him those fine rice noodles. Seems he likes the mushy noodle! I always switch with idlis & idiyappam.
As a toddler:I moved to the sweeter side: Idiyappam + coconut + cardamom + sugar
For the savory side: Idiyappam + egg
Right now, he loves the tangy taste like mommy! I just add zest of lemon and turn the same dish to Lemon sevai.
I guess, I can still continue with the same noodle with twists and tales forever …

Options to turn this sevai/idiyappam into many ways

Idiyappam varieties


Rice flour (idiyappam Flour): 1 cup

Water: 1 cup

Salt: a pinch

How to make Idiyappam:

Boil the water with salt. Pour slowly into the rice flour and mix with a wooden spoon until you form nice soft dough. Fill the idiyappam mold with the dough and press into idlis plates or idiyappam plate. Steam it for my 5 minutes. Your fine noodles are ready in minutes.This dish will be the base. You can serve with any gravy, sweetened coconut milk.

How to make Sweet Sevai/idiyappam

Prepare the idiyapam, sprinkle sugar while it is hot + cardamom powder + fresh coconut

How to make Lemon sevai

Prepare the idiyapam has mentioned above. Make into small pieces. Heat a pan, add 1 tsp of oil, add some mustard seed, cumin, chopped green chillis (1 or 2) , minced ginger (1/2 tsp ), curry leaves (3 or 4 num) and pich of turmeric. Add the sevai, salt and mix with lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

How to make Egg sevai

Idiyappam (make into pieces) + onion (1/2) chopped, green chillis (1 or 2) minced, curry leaves (2 or 3) (Black pepper- optional)Sauté with little oil, onion, chillis and curry leaves, drop eggs and scramble it before adding the sevai and adjust the salt.

Now you have many options to turn this plain rice noodle into delectable one. This entry goes for the kids Food event hosted by Vanamala.

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Dhivya said...

Wow!cham dear...u got all the varieties of idiyappam...actually i planned to make idiyappam for WBB event...neenga mundhikiteenga!!!!!!Its not fair
:(.....really nice collections....

Uma said...

wow, what a wonderful entry, cham! Looks so lovely.

Asha said...

That sevai so white, beautiful! So many dishes with one sevai, very nice!:)

Vanamala said...

Wow so much of varities !!!

Really very nice cham

Thank you for participated in my Kid's event


Mythreyee said...

cham dear! amazing treat. I just love the coconut lemon and sweet sevai. Thanks for sharing with us.

Cham said...

Dhiv 2 late girl :(
UmaThanks Uma :)
AshaTo get the white color,I use idiyappam flour
Vanamala was fun 2 participate
Mythreyee enjoy the virtual sevai.

Divya Vikram said...

Thanks for ur comments in my blog..
U blog is really creative..Craving for those idiyaapams..will have to try them..

Laavanya said...

So many varieties of Sevai - yummy.

Happy cook said...

Wow i love idiyappoms. Your looks delicious.

Kalai said...

Love idiyappam!! My husband likes it sweet and I like it spicy. Go figure! :)

Prema Sundar said...

Nice entry and they look very nice...Its a long time I ate idiappam. I haven't tried making it , but one of my aunt makes very tasty and soft idiappam. love it with sugar and milk/coconut milk. looking at ur picture makes me crave for it.

Cham said...

Div.V: Thanks :)Try it with Idiyappam flour
Lavanya: I could have continue with some more, let me try another post of Idiya varieties
Happy Cook: Thanks Happy cook
Kalai: Usualy we all make the sweet & savory - to resolve conflits at table :)
Prema.S: Try with the right flour, easy way to have a soft idiyappam :)

Sagari said...

U made so many varieties with idiappam yummmmmm ,everything looks deleciousssss cham

Maheswari said...

Cham..nice entry!!!They look perfect.One of my fav.breakfast items.I love the savory one than the sweet version.

Archy said...

Lovely Sevai varities Cham !! loved it.. !! Was looking for easy way of making sevai !! thank you :)

katta oshmi saritha said...

so nice
and tomarrow morning i will try it.
thanks for a great breakfst