Friday, February 22, 2008

My first award

I have been blogging now for two months, oh yeah I am still at crawling stage! But, in short period I have made some wonderful friends through this virtual world. They just visit and leave some sweet comments, which boost me. I would like to thank all my viewers, subscribers and friends (non-blogger) from the bottom of my heart for your great support.

Here comes a sweet & pleasant surprise an E award (for Excellent blog). Shanti Bhanu of place for authentic Indian food passed this award with Love & affection. She has some amazing collection of sweets & wonderful authentic recipes.

The game now I should pass it for five of bloggers, which I admire. Ooops, such hard thing, everyone deserves an award for their hard effort, right?

Siri: Who exposed my blog to Taste of India Blog roll. Her blog is full of stories, and delicious recipes. It is always interesting to read it.

Kalai: Usual recipes get a twist with her.

Sandya: someone like me (Novice) but she won my heart with her attractive strawberry jello Cheese cake.

Pooja: from creative ideas – She works with creativity and Color which i like it. Her dish is very colorful. I would like to know how she handles her mail box with all those entries :)

Asha: From Hope – My recent discovery – I guess she doesn’t need any introduction note. I just freeze whenever I visit her page. She really makes wonder in her Kitchen!

If you haven't check yet those blogs, it is time to hop around.
Thanks Bhanu to make my day !

Update: Another one landing at my blog this morning :) Well Today it is an award day ! An Award for nice matters passed by fellow blogger Dhiv .

Her close up food captures - let me feel hungry all the time :)

Both Southern Californians made this Bay Area blogger literally flying....


Asha said...

oh, thank you Cham. I really appreciate it. Enjoy your award too. We always love new bloggers making their blog known and participate in others as well. You deserve it!
Have a great weekend. I posted new one, check it when you time:)

Cham said...

Wow, Thanks for your prompt comments. I always appreciate your visit :)Have a great weekend too!

Happy cook said...

Congrats with the award. Enjoy

Cham said...

Happy cook: Morning i saw the E award on your post, i got it the night :) Thanks Happy cook!

vimmi said...

Congrats Cham. Enjoy.

Pooja said...

Thank you Cham , you are a sweet girl :) .
As Asha already said, I love helping/encouraging new bloggers , there are many like you , I just get in touch who drop by my blog or who participate. Keep blogging and be be as sweet as you are , hugs to you .
btw, I can see the crawling baby walking too fast now :))

Kalai said...

Thank you so much, Cham! I am so grateful and very humbled that you thought of me. Keep rocking with more awesome dishes! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

sandhya said...

thank you cham... can't belive i got an award.. thank you for encouraging me.. Congrats on your award!

Siri said...

I am flattered Cham and ironically this is my *first award* too!.. Thank you dear.. As Pooja said - the crawling baby started 'running' now..:D.. as always.. Happy Food Blogging Cham and we all are always there to critique and enjoi ur yummo dishes..:)


DEEPA said...

wow!!Congrats on the award!!!! Have a great weekend