Friday, February 22, 2008

Pomegranate Juice blend - AFAM entry

From past 2 weeks, I was looking for the edible jewels (pomegranate) in my grocery stores. Guess I am out of season and decided to buy my favorite pomegranate juice and prepare something with this drink. Personally, I really enjoy munching the arils without any added flavor.

Thinking about the AFAM event started by Maheswari and hosted this time by Sra, I remember the starbucks fruit blend Pomegranate & tangerine frappuchino (now discontinued).The juice blend has the tea, tangy & sweet flavor. I just recreated on my own without any calorie (whip cream) on top.

Pomegranate juice blend


Favorite Tea bag: 1 num

Honey: 2 tsp

Lemon juice: 1/2 tsp

Pomegranate juice: 1 cup

Berry mix (frozen): 1 cup

Fat free Milk: 1 cup

How to blend the drink?

Place the tea bag in a cup, add hot water, add the honey and let it cool completely.

Blend the juices + frozen berry + cooled tea + milk until you get a smooth consistency (you can even drink at this point like a smoothie) and pour into a baking pan cover it and freeze it.

Once it is settled, scoop up in ice cream cup and enjoy the fruit blend. Is that easy to make such a healthy drink at home :)


Dhivya said...

congrats on ur award cham...checout my blog..another surprise is waiting for u

Saswati said...

hi cham thankx for dropping by.congrats for the award.

Trupti said...

This recipe looks good &
congrats cham for your award..

Asha said...

YUM!! Looks delicious Cham!:)

Kalai said...

Congrats again, Cham! This looks wonderful. Great entry for AFAM! :)

Pooja said...

thats looking wonderful, color reminded me of Valentine's day :)) .

I too get tired finding a decent pomogrante this time , still searching if i ca nget one :) .

Uma said...

Hi Cham,

That's a lovely juice. Looks tempting. By the way, I have tagged you for a meme, please stop by my blog for details. Thank you.

Maheswari said...

That's a nice entry for AFAM.Looks delicious.

sra said...

The pomeg and tea combination is new to me. Thanks for the entry.

Cham said...

Dhiv,Sas,Trupti,Asha & Kalai
Thanks For ur warm comments :)
Pooja: I too thought about Valentine day while seeing the color :) Still it is Feb right?
Uma: double awards and a tag in one day , i can never forget this day :)Thanks Uma.
Thanks Mahes
Sra we re even finding Pom tea :)

Lavanya Raj said...

congrads on your the way..this entry looks great.