Friday, March 7, 2008

Bundle of Joy - Arusuvai (six tastes) Feast

About Arusuvai Friendship

The Arusuvai friendship chain was started by Latha and Lakshmi of the Yum blog. This is the friendship chain where you send your surprise ingredient to two or more of your blogger buddies. The friends use the surprise ingredient in their cooking and blog about it. This chain was quite popular in India. And now Latha of Masala Magic started the chain in USA. Thanks to all for this wonderful concept.
Few days back, when Dhiv from Dhivya's cuisine food blog confirmed that she mailed the package. I was so excited and waiting the mailman for the friendship parcel. Once received, I just unwrapped the parcel like a small kid to discover the secret ingredient (I guess everyone who participated did the same). I just said: Wow seeing the “Ragi”, along with a personalized greeting card and to cheer up a Bunny! I opened the packet and felt the ragi was little coarsely! Bang, I realized, the flour is not only Ragi , there is something coarsely has been mixed. I confirm it with her…. She accepted sadly that I found the secret ingredient Ragi and rava (semolina) mix to just confuse me… he he he, better luck for next time sweety!

Dhiv, ur bunny was starving!
She is just testing my skills how far I can go with the ragi flour other than Kanji and ragi roti, dosa ? Right!
Well, ragi (Finger millet) is not a discovery item in my kitchen. My husband hails from Karnataka. So definitely, his favorite dish is “Ragi roti”, but as a tamilian , I stick to my Ragi Kanji mixed with buttermilk and diced onion…. Well, I decided not to blog Kanji and Roti or Mudde with the secret ingredient…. I thought something different and probably kids friendly; the ragi biscuit/cookie idea bloomed. I decided not to add egg and bake it Indian style cookie. I picked my nankhatai recipe and made a twist with the ragi + semolina flour. Voila, I got a ragi Nankhatai/cookie.
Raagi cookies
Ragi Cookie

Ragi: ½ cup
Maida: ½ cup
Sooji: 2 tsp
Milk Powder: 2 tsp
Baking powder: ½ tsp
Cardamon: 5 pods - crushed
Powder sugar: ½ cup
Vegetable shortening: ½ cup
Vanilla essence: ½ tsp
Cashew and almond: 10 numbers on each nuts (grind it 2 powder) Don’t worry about blanching the almond, the cookie will be ragi (brown) color.

How to Bake:

Mix the shortening and powder sugar, using a cake mixer beat slowly until it turns creamy, add the vanilla essence. Mix the dry ingredient together. Add slowly and mix it until u gets smooth dough. Grease a cookie tray, take little dough and roll between ur palm and flattened and arrange in the cookie tray. Preheat the oven, set it for 350 C and bake the cookies for 20 min.

Hope Dhiv, I have met all your expectations it was really fun to experiment with Ragi and Arusuvai..

The friendship Bundle moves from west to East coast.

Kalai: a rocking girl from Samaithuparkalam food blog – Hoping a “Arusuvai Virundhu” Kalai.
Namratha: A perfectly talented cook/baker from finger Licking food – will definetly bring a mouth watering dish.

Thank you once again both of u and wait for ur bundle of surprise ! I will send it both of u tomorrow and confirm it with e-mail.


Asha said...

WOW!! Ragi cookie!! How creative girl, good job! They look great!:)
I make Ragi Mudde, Ragi Ganji, Ragi dose and ragi rotti with that, never made anything else.Good one Cham!:)

Namratha said...

Ragi biscuit...that's what we used to call it in India :) Awesome Cham...and now I'm so excited to receive the Arusuvai :)

Uma said...

you are so innovative, Cham! Lovely cookies. They are so healthy too!

Dhivya said...

wow!cham dear innovative idea...again u proved ur intelligence...great way, u have used the secret say in one word "awesome".....unga kitta irundhu ippadi oru dish a nan edirparkavae illa....asathal...

Divya Vikram said...

That was great cham..the ragi biscuits look delicious n healthy..I am still waiting to receive my secret ing. from Dhivya..

Meera said...

Wow, how creative of you. Ragi is good for health and this is a keeper recipe. I make ragi bhakri or dosa. This one is wonderful. thanks for sharing.

Madhu said...

Ragi Biscuits looks delicious. These days they in bakeries too.
Very creative dish to make with ragi.

shriya said...

That's a lovely creativity of making cookie in raagi . Very unique one. Brilliant idea cham.

bee said...

the ragi cookie is a really neat concept.

Lavi said...

how all think differently??

those are lovely cookies..kid's friendly too..

Cham said...

Asha: U r right, with ragi we all make the same , for different concept i tried two items - two of them came out good... I just posted one :)
Namratha:Thanks Nam, don't have any anxiety ?
Uma:Right healthy & nutritous
Dhiv:Thanks a lot dear. Ninga mattiram Jillebi pottu kallakura pa... Adha vitta va inda ragi biscuit?
Divya Vikram:If it is from Dhiv... watch out :)

Cham said...

Meera: I got 2 check ragi bhakri
Madhu: Thanks , r u finding in Indian bakery
Shriya: thanks 4 ur compliment :)
Bee: Thank you so much
Lavi innanga ippadi sollithinga , ungal samaiyallum vittiyasamaga tan irrugiradu :)

jayasree said...

Very creative of you to think of cookies out of the raagi-rava mxture. Lovely cookies.

Happy cook said...

I have never made anything with this flour

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

How nice to see something as innovative as that! WOW...great to see the Arusuvai moving coasts & continents! Lovely pictures too Cham!

Homecooked said...

Hey great idea for ragi.I would never have thought of making ragi cookies :) Great pic too.

Seena said...

Yeah, got a healthy cookie..:)

Laavanya said...

Ragi cookies sound very innovative. Great idea.

ranji said...

hi cham...thank u for visiting my site....i just bought some ragi flour and was wondering what to do...these ragi cookies looks good.i think i will make these :)

Divya Kudua said...

hey cham..was just going through your blog when i saw this amazing recipe...ragi cookie is a brilliant idea...sad,but i couldnt see the pics!! said...

I have tried varieties on Ragi. Yours is unique and can be easily favored to Kids. Nice cooking. Wanna try it