Wednesday, February 15, 2012

R-I-P: Miri

My eyes were blurred for a moment when I saw Arch post about Miri of Peppermill was no more. I didn't know her personally, interacted through comments couple of times. I barely knew few details as a regular reader.
But in less than 48 hours, her real name and bright smiley picture surfaced at Sandeepa's place. The most chilling part was her medical condition in this article.
None of her regular readers would have suspected that she was going through such ordeal..
Miri- you were self-disciplined, very optimistic and energetic till your last moments.
As we both were connected through food, I prepared Parrupu podi/Dhal powder. As this podi is served at the starting of meal with rice and ghee, you will be remembered each time I sprinkle for your generosity of Sharing your recipes and the Love towards food.

Parrupu podi
Rest in Peace- MIRI.