Friday, January 11, 2008

Healthy Breakfast or snack!

Berry Parfait or Healthy snack

Yogurt parfait

Bored of same morning breakfast…Have you ever think not to cook but have a breakfast other than bread, cereal, here you are. May be it could be a healthy snack between meals. The fruit can be substitute as per your wish and for granola any dry fruits. But the granola gives the real crunchiness!I used strawberry flavor and raspberry fruit.

One cup of any Flavored yogurt or plain one
Granola with Fruits and nuts
Berries of your choice or any fruit
Honey (optional)

Take a bowl, pour the yogurt sprinkle as much of granola and toss those berries and give a final touch with honey. Voila, here you go without cooking.

Variation: Yogurt of your choice + any fruit preserve + nuts of your choice.