Sunday, February 24, 2008

My past, interests & favorites in MEME Tag

We have awards & Meme (tagging) epidemics this week. In less than 24 hours, I got 2 awards and one Tagging. Another pleasant surprise, Uma of Essence of Andhra has tagged me for MeMe. But just before starting the game, I refrain the tag just to prevent another outbreak (ouch! may be I am breaking the blog rule)

I am revealing my secrets, are you ready to read my Bla bla bla…

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I do have a memory loss Uma – Nope just kidding!

Feb 1998- In a cold winter day, I was running to catch my metro train in Paris (France) with a bundle of books in my bag and my lunch (baguette & tuna salad)
I guess I was watching my waistline to fit my favorite pants, skirts, etc…! I have to travel everyday more than 1 hour to reach my Campus (changing 2 trains and get one bus). The most important thing, I was an eligible Bachelor who enjoyed the life. I started working for IBM in parallel (my first Job). To tell the truth, my life was ethic even without any big commitments.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

This question seems to be reasonable; I don’t need to dig that much on my memory.

Feb 2007
Cool, married and mom for 5 years old son, working for the search Engine Giant Google that everyone dreams! So one of my dreams has been acquired! Booked a ticket for my India trip - the weather in California was far better than this year, did little gardening, etc... When we look back , i can feel the difference now...

Five snacks you enjoy

Usually I won’t be classified as a junk eater (The big and little one in my house are masters) so I grab what I see first .

From my fridge
Fresh fruits
Diary products
From my pantry
Dry fruits
Plain cereal (like to eat without milk)

Five things I would do if I was a millionairecelebrate
Why Millionaire? I love to hear Billionaire next time (Millions are just outdated). May be after all those tax cut I can be at least in the border line of Millionaire

Help people those who are in need (not giving a check or cash- asking what they need and provide into materials)
Build my dream house
Hire some maids
Invest into stock market
Opening a business (run a pay roll to others and not wait for a pay check!)

Five bad habits

Moving to the dangerous field !

Coffee addict minum– I reduce to 2 cups per day now, goal is 0 .I don’t know how many months will take to reach…
Laugh-laugh-laughgelakguling(even it has lot of health benefits – but very hard goal to control it)
Very talkative person
Eat faster than others (from my childhood – not able to slow down)
Inclination for Plants whenever I go to the nursery I came with at least 3 or 4 new pots .

As i wrote it down now, it will be easy now to work it out.

Five things you like doing
The five things below became a routine process in my life, which I started loving it.

Browsing (web savy person – I cannot imagine my life without it)
Gardenning (listed in bad and like doing too)
Cooking of course (experimenting new dishes)
Playing with my kid
Helping in his homework

Five things you never wear again

Half saree (never wore that costume – may be I was too modern in India)
Winter earband – tickling my ears
High heels – Ouch it hurts my heels
Cropped cardigan (looks like I am wearing my teenage cardigan- unfit)
Babydoll top with tie back (reminds my pregnancy dress)

Five favorite Toys:
My first wooden kitchen set
Indian Mixer-grinder (I run my mixer everyday, oh yeah everyday!)
Coffee maker (It just fill my kitchen with the wonderful aroma)
Microwave (may be I am not the one who love this appliance)
Camera (recently for my blog)

Thanks to tagging me Uma , it is big opportunity to tell my blog friends who i am. Have a great day. Enjoy watching my slideshow too :) My Paris picture is only 8 years old -didn't find any good one from 1998.


Kalai said...

It's great to learn more about you, Cham! Thanks for being a good sport and sharing! :)

Dhivya said...

Cham,,its really great to know abt u...keep going

Cham said...

Dhiv & Kalai Thanks a lot for ur great support :)

Asha said...

Cham, great to read your MeMe!
You call those "snacks"? They are diet food!;D BAD FOODIE!!
Tax: I know! After 40% tax, you can hardly keep anything! We need to make 1.5 mil to call ourself millionaire, not fair!:P

Cham said...

Thanks Asha Hope you had a fun reading :)

Happy cook said...

Nice to know more about you.
I always wanted to wear hald sari when i was young but my mom never allowed me to :-(((

Pooja V said...

Cham, Its so nice to know u. I am sure u'll b a billionaire soon :). Google is ur rainbow and u'll find pot of gold at the end of it.

Cham said...

Happy cook I am happy now that i am not alone :)

Uma said...

Hey cham,

It seems I am late in leaving a comment. What a lovely meme! Good to know more about you. Hoorey! There is someone who doesn't like High Heels like me! Yep, they hurt my heels too! (To tell you the secret: I also never wore the half-saree. I always used to wear Churidar). It seems our tastes match to a little extent. Ok I wrote too much. I stop here. Have a nice day.

Madhumathi said...

Your Me-Me is lovely and its nice to learn more about u...I too have the bad habit of eating faster than others..