Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vegetable badam curry

Rice is a staple food in Southern India, which is accompanied always with curry (wet).
Curry is refered to gravy or dry vegetable stir-fry and not to be confused with curry leaves or curry powder.
Just an overview, how a tamilian would classify the wet gravy:
The gravy is classified in different categories according the ingredients we use it.
The first in list is Sambar, a lentil based stew flavored with any veg with some special spice sambar powder.
Next would be “Kozhambu” tamarind/yogurt based gravy, usually a thick consistency with some vegetables.
Third one is simple coconut based “Kurma” along with mixed vegetables.
Last but not least, “Kootu” another gravy based with dhal & vegetable has a thick consistency compared to Sambar, contains less spices and it is thick.
A non-vegetarian would simply substitute with any meat or seafood in that gravy.
With plenty of traditional options, I always hunt for new flavors. I guess, i am not the only person. I just look for any new taste or ingredients in the book or net. I tried Vegetable Badam curry from Malika Badrinath cookbook. Well, I really didn’t like the taste of adding yogurt, it turn out sour and left a feeling of buttermilk gravy!
Next time, I substituted the yogurt and milk with coconut milk! Now, it turned to pleasant and creamy taste which is probably our taste!
Vegetable can be of your choice. I made with some fresh garbanzo beans, potatoes and cauliflower.

Vegetable badam curry

Vegetable badam curry


Cauliflower: 1 cup cut into small florets (steam for one minute or more until they change in colour)
1 medium-use bake option (or 4 min in microwave) cut into long strip (like French fries)
Fresh Garbonza beans or Capsicum:
1 medium size, if it is bell pepper cut into long strips.
Coconut milk (of ur choice low in fat or full):
½ cup
Garam masala:
½ tsp
1 tsp
according ur taste

Masala 1:
2 medium, cut and fry in little oil (can be done in microwave, add little oil to the onion and cook one min uncovered) once cooled make a coarse paste)

Masala: 2:
10 num
Red chillis:
5 less or more
small piece
2 tbsp to grind

Soak the almond or add water and microwave 30 seconds. Let it cool and peel the skin.
Add little milk to the ingredients and make a smooth paste.

Method in microwave:
In microwave safe bowl, add oil and the onion paste and cook for 1 minute.
Add the pre-cooked vegetables and the masala no 2, coconut milk, ¾ cup of water (could be less or more) adjust the salt and mix well.
Keep back in microwave and cook further 8 min. The vegetables are already cooked so the timing is only for the coconut milk and for the masala.
Take out and sprinkle some garam masala.

Stovetop lovers:
The cooking time is just 10 minutes, and keeps the flame in medium low heat. Proceed with onion paste and the rest is same.

Sure Valli will be pleased with my entry:Vegetable Badam curry is entering curry Mela event, next is microwave-cooking event- Both events are managed by Valli !

All microwave are different, just keep an eye in the last 8 minutes, could be less or more .


kamala said...

I too made this from her book Cham...Looks delicious..Love your description about our tamil gravies.

Laavanya said...

I often add badam as a substitute for ground cashews in cravies to give a creamy richness - this with coconut milk must make this very tasty i'm sure.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Cham...
Curry look so rich and creamy. YUM!. Nice presentation. I also add almonds in most of my gravies.

Rachel said...

Almonds make it creamy right..Great read!

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Wow..I really like the richness and the creaminess.. lovely recipe Cham!!

Srivalli said...

Thats really cool, I am so pleased..never imagined this gravy being made in mw..thanks for sending it for both the know yours is the first one...:)..

also that note on how a tamilain classifys a curry is too good...I was planning on putting on the same lines in the intro!!...:)..

Sireesha said...

Curry looks soooooo rich and creamy ..Love the presentation...Bookmarked it....

Priti said...

That was gud gyan on different curries of TN :)..and badam curry looks delicious...

Madhavi said...

WOW Cham awesome curry, rich, thick, and yummmmm. Will try soon!!!

Suma Rajesh said...

wooo..this cury looks rich in taste and creamy....never tryed wih coconut milk when adding of badam paste...

Uma said...

mmm. yummy curry! Adding almonds sound good.

srikars kitchen said...

Curry looks so rich & creamy...

nice entry & Great click...

Shreya said...

really interesting recipe, have not heard of badam used, mostly cashews only. Healthy too!

Maheswari said...

Almonds and coconut milk gives you this rich and creamy curry..Just Delicious..

Sunshinemom said...

Good classification, Cham! I like to use badam or kaju when I want a creamy consistency without milk or yogurt! Loved this recipe:)

sowmya said...

i am going to make this, sounds really good!!

Vani said...

That sounds like a lovely curry, Cham!

Purva Desai said...

hey vegetable badam curry looks really rich and good entry for the event..
hey check out the blog for Festive Food event

mitr_bayarea said...


the gravy looks so rich and inviting..I just printed this off, am going to try it this weekend...never tried using badam as gravy base, only cashews, am sure this will give a great taste. Thanks for sharing as always.


lovely curry .. I have added cashews, never added almonds to gravies. must be really rich in taste

Medhaa said...

Cham, you too changed the template. Looks good.

Love this gravy, we are not used to cooking with coconut milk and are used to putting Yogurt in our gravies, can you please share that version too. I will try both.

Mansi Desai said...

that sounds neat! a nice basic curry recipe Cham:)

Divya Vikram said...

Drooling at this rich gravy cham..I too have got many bitter experiences adding yoghurt to dishes..Will try ur coconut milk Idea..Great entry for both events..

Cham said...

Medha: Omit the coconut milk
add 1 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup milk. Once u add yogurt simmer and at the end add milk and switch off. Ingredients remain same.