Friday, September 16, 2011

Mango Frozen yogurt and my travel log

Have you ever thought you need another break after a vacation? All the pending work seems waiting patiently your arrival to drain your fully loaded energy within a week. On top of it, back to school for my son is like I started a new academic year with all the Algebra and Science homework! The routine schedule is hectic again. I guess, many of you are in the same boat, right now.
Ok, let 's have a glance and visit virtually where I disappeared  for my vacation. I went to my hometown. Had a wonderful time with my sister, brothers, nieces and nephew. They all came down from Europe and times flew like seconds. 

Our travel in India is mostly spiritual spots. In each visit, we try to cover at least one new temple.
Our first stop was Hilltop temple Palani-Lord Subramanya (Dindigul District-TN)- Next, on the way stopped at  Sri Ranganathar Swamy Temple - Srirangam-Lord Vishnu (Tiruchirapalli-TN), last but not least was the nearby Samayapuram dedicated to Goddess Shakthi. We had  lunch at Tiruchi (don't remember the hotel) which was truly awesome vegetarian meal :) 

 Location: Palani taken with Iphone

Our next long trip was: Karnataka. First stop was Bangalore city: crowded , suffocating by heavy traffic pollution, wonder how people manage to drive and breath :( My kiddo was the happiest person seeing MC Donald's, and all the fast fast....
The next day, we traveled to my in Laws place. Just took rest a day and next day visited Sridhara Ashram located at Vardahalli remote place near Sagara (Shimoga district-KA)- was quiet a serene place. Going Sagara without stopping to Jog Falls? That is my second visit after 9 years! It was a perfect day without rain but had an overwhelming crowd due to holiday. I tried to click few shots the breathtaking view. 

Jog Falls

Location::Jog Falls-Sagara Shimoga District
Jog is the second highest waterfall in India, created by Sharavathi river which splits in 4 different tracks.
 Raja (King) (named after the serene look), Roarer (noisy), Rocket (the stream comes down at high speed) and Rani (queen) / lady Dame blanche (the stream has a twisting, swirling movement as a lady dancer). Can see the four streams in my picture.
The falls is the biggest source of electricity production for the State.
The last on the list was Tirumala. AP.
Coming to food part, I was lucky enough to taste few mangoes (end of season) and jackfruit. I brought on my way of Chennai-Pondy- ECR . There are lots of mangoes and jackfruits groves. Those independent growers install stalls on roadside and sell them. No worry of artificial ripening and quiet bargain place.

 Location: ECR-Chennai 2 Pondy-  
Mangoes: Ottu Mangai (oblong ones)Variety and Roomani (round shape- most tastier)

Location: ECR- Chennai 2 Pondy
Jackfruits: sorted in different size for different price tag!
I need to mention both pictures were taken by my son who clicked randomly with my Iphone.

I whipped up this frozen yogurt at the beginning of summer days when I discovered my new ice cream maker during my spring cleaning! So let's end the summer with cool stuff.

Mango Frozen yogurt

Mango Frozen yogurt
Source: Cuisinart Booklet
Note: use the Best Mango variety if you are lucky. Don't use the fibrous one like I did, it got struck on the paddle and you feel in your mouth later.

Freeze the ice cream machine bowl a day before.

Low fat yogurt: 5 cups- strained in muslin cloth for at least 4 hours in refrigerator
Mango: 2 huge (ripen)-peeled, pitted and chopped
Sugar: 1/2 cup (can be increased before adding in the machine)
Lime juice: 1/2 tsp fresh possible

Puree the mango, lime juice and a cup of yogurt in a blender.
Whisk the remaining yogurt and sugar in a separate bowl.
Combine the mango mixture+ yogurt sugar mixture together.
Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours.
Turn on the machine, pour the mixture and let it run until they turn soft and buttery.
Mine was done in 20 minutes. It was perfect soft and creamy, ready to enjoy.
For later use, transfer in covered container. Remove 15 minutes before serving.
Serving suggestion: top with berries, nuts, coconut or any tropical fruits

It is worth trying Mango frozen yogurt at home because it is not easily available in my usual freezer aisle.


ruchikacooks said...

yakkov, I also went home for summer to show the kid to every one! How are you?? Long time no see, wish we could have met there in India..
Nice dessert, we need it now, its so hot in texas :- Sow

Priti said...

Beautiful pics ...

Priya said...

Beautiful clicks, especially that falls pictures, seems u guys had a wonderful vacation, its a month i came back from Pondy but still missing it..Btw mango frozen yogurt looks excellent and pleasing..

notyet100 said...

Glad to see ur post after such a long time,..have been to jog falls,it's beautiful,..ur post brought back memories,..

jayasree said...

Glad to know you had a wonderful vacation. The Pic of job falls is abosultely breathtaking....

Miss the mangoes when I see the frozen yogurt.

Sayantani said...

lovely write up and great looking mango fro yo.

LG said...

Jog falls picture is awesome!! It has been ages since we visited Jog Falls. I have been teaching my son about this in his Social Studies and now showing your jog falls picture to him :D

Mango Frozen Yoghurt looks yummo! Miss all Indian Mangoes :( ...

Padhu said...

A post after a long time from you.Nice to know that u had a wonderful time in India .Mango yogurt looks yummy

Happy Cook / Finla said...

Looks like you had a fab time in India, I want that mango ice cream; looks super super yumm.

G.Pavani said...

hi cham,hru.
frozen yogurt looks delicious,

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Lovely post after a long time !! glad you had a wonderful time in India. I bought a Cuisineart Icecream maker months back but never opened the pack. Time to open it. Super cool frozen yogurt !!

Srivalli said...

Cham, so wonderful to read your travel details..the falls are beautiful. I have never been there, must go sometime..tempting Icecream for a bonus right..:)

Sharmilee! :) said...

Wow delicious looking yogurt

Spandana said...

The waterfall pic is mind-blowing.. I have never been there and from the time I saw the pic, I am longing to go there.
The Mango ice cream looks so very delicious.

lata raja said...

Pictures speak for themselves. Glad you enjoyed a fun filled vacation:)

Nithu said...

Looks so inviting and yumm.


Vardhini said...

Wow .. pictures are awesome. Yummy mangoes .. taste of home. I am the same. I need a vacation after my vacation to get back to my routine.

Zesty Palette

BongMom said...

The Jog Falls looks amazing. With schools starting things do tend to get hectic.

ruchikacooks said...

Kutti is fine, keeping me on my toes all day..crawling and trying to walk, picking up things etc etc., very tired running after him!

Jay said...

lovely post...I'm totally impressed..:)
Am your happy subscriber now..:)
do stop by mine sometime..
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Chaitanya said...

first time here ...nice collection of recipes ......very yummy desert lovely pictures ... I really like Palani ...reminded of our trip years ago... I wish in my next trip to India.. I could see these places again... glad to follow you.
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Poornima Nair said...

Love frozen yogurt, that looks so tempting! Beautiful click!

Sobha Shyam said...

first time here, nice to read abt ur travel notes..the falls picture is just awesome..Mango frozen yogurt looks very yum n delicious..glad to be ur drop at my space as time permits..

recipeswap said...

Good to see you back from your vacation!yummy yogurt!

Now Serving said...

What a beautiful post, the ice cream looks amazing! but even more amazing are your pictures of Pazhani and the waterfalls! Breathtaking - makes me very homesick :(

Thanks for sharing dear! appreciate this more than you know :) cheers, priya

Patricia Torres said...

Lovely travel!! and even lovelier.. mangoes.. :-)