Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick watermelon radish pickle

Would you like Paper or Plastic bags? asked the grocery store clerk last year. From this year, my county adopted the greener environment program. The ban of plastic bags are in effect. People are encouraged to bring their own bags whether you want to grab some fruits, a new pair of socks or even to pick up your prescription. Yes, the era of free plastic bags are slashed and replaced by a fee of 10 cents for paper bag and 15 cents for recycling bag. The first week of the year, I struggled to trail along my own bag everywhere, I felt embarrassed to pay 10 cents for paper bag and I was not alone. I noticed many where not prepared like me. First thing, I pulled out all my recycled bags which was collecting some dust in my garage, next invested in couple of new ones. Yes, I don't want to carry the same bag everywhere, cannot imagine my new shirt or socks picking up the spice or meat smell. Stored couple of them in both cars trunks now we are slowly adjusted without the plastic bags.
Did the plastic bags are really villain of the earth?
The environment specialists claim that they are finding a million of bags landing to the Bay every year, landfill and not to forget chocking animals.
Cleaning the landfill and Bay need a budget, hoping to save money from this program.
In my house, those plastic bags were used as liner in my small kitchen trash can, now I have to spend extra bucks to buy bags for my trash. No, I am not against the environment.
But I noticed they haven't banned those clear plastic bags in which you fill as much tomatoes, chilies, fruits, etc... One day , I envisage those clear bags will disappear too to adopt the zero waste program. Probably they may ask to bring your own container to the take out food, who knows? :)
Did your town opted the plastic ban if not today probably tomorrow it may reach you, so go green today!
Ok if not ready yet, how about going green with a plate full of bursting winter color? This quick pickling gives an extra kick to the mildly sweet radish, an extra crisp and color to your salad or even sandwich. Probably you may like again this puffy smell veggie in this way :)

Recipe of quick pickle adopted from here.



1 cup of thinly sliced watermelon radish

1 tsp of salt

3 tsp of sugar

3 tbsp of rice wine vinegar


Wash and peel the outer layer of watermelon radish. Slice thinly, mix with salt and keep aside.

Whisk the sugar and vinegar together and drizzle over the radish.
You can drain the extra vinegar mixture or leave it.

Let the flavor absorb and mingle for 30 min, serve over a salad
or use in your sandwich.

The leftover should be stored in glass container and use within
2 days.

Wishing my readers a Happy Pongal!


Priya said...

Never seen this radish anywhere, just cant stop myself saying just wow..Look the colour,that mindblowing..
Zven we have been following this program since a long here, i carry always my recycled bags with me.

Sumi said...

Hi Happy pongal to you and your family. In belgium we cannot go for shopping anywhere without your own bag,Otherwise you need tp pay 1.oo euro for the bag. We kinda liked it and got used to the routine. But after coming here, again got on the plastic bag wagan..seriously thinking about changing that:)

notyet100 said...

This one is new for me,,will look for this. :) looks yum,,

Curry Leaf said...

Pickle is new for me. I have seen purple turnips here but not the ones shown in the pic.
Yeah sure, the clear plastic bags are still not banned here also, but the plastic bags now come with a fee. I too am slowly getting used to this plastic free environment.

After long time Cham, Happy New Year!

Finla said...

I have never seen this radish i will look for it next time. Looks so beautiful
Here this system has been going on for years now. They do'nt giv enay more free bags we have to pay for tha bag and if you buy a stringer bag you take it back when you go for shopping. I always have a bag in my hand bag so that when ever i go to a shop i have one.

Usha said...

Never seen this radish before, it looks so beautiful. Loved the simple pickle with it !!

Here they haven't banned plastic bags, but there are some stores that offer plastic or paper and I usually chose paper when I get a chance.

Manasi said...

How pretty! I love the colors of the radish.
I haven't read of the ban in my county, but I do use my bag, but I will admit, I forget to carry it with me at times.
I have a 'foldable' bag ( it folds into a pouch, got it from India, the typical 'Mommy goes to market to get vegetables' bag) in my purse most of the times, but that is just one bag and I end up buying more stuff, sigh! I need to dig out the bags that are languishing in some corner now.

Madhavi said...

Great color of this redish..


Cham said...

ManasiFoldable bag is a good idea- need 2 look somewhere to avoid penalty:)

Maha Gadde said...

Just drooling over the pics ...looks yum

Sujatha said...

Happy New Year and Happy Pongal, dear Cham! Hope you are doing fine.

I've seen this radish in farmers market and I wondered what to make out of it.. I guess now I have a reason to buy it.. :)

Take care.

Shanthi said...

very new fruit..new recipe too...love it..

Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

Never seen this fruit. Looks very attractive.

BDSN said...

A watermelon radish..Wow never heard or seen it..Does it taste little sweeter and little bitter bcooz of the watermelon and radish combo?
anyway our county hasnt still adopted the ban on plastic bags. I guess i have to invest in some good recycling bags. better now than later anyways..right?

krishna said...

wow!! very nice n easy recipe... very nice..

Shri said...

I have never seen this vegetable; looks gorgeous and we love pickling carrots and radishes the same way; not with rice vinegar though.

Anonymous said...

pickle looks so cool in pink,especially the combination of sweet and tart flavors,perfect...