Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rice noodle soup

Ready to pick up your chopsticks and taste my rice noodle soup? Tell me, is there anyone around who don’t like Chinese food? Whether is Lo mein or chow mein, those noodle taste great with some stir-fried vegetables.

Ok, coming to the recipe. When DK announced the Chinese theme for her A.W.E.D event. I just want to give a try to some other variety than fried rice and noodle. I picked a book about chinese cuisine from library. Like everyone, I turn all those yummy pages for a while; stopping, drooling and tasting through my eyes and closed those colorful pictures pages. Well, 80 % of recipes were Non-vegetarian. As she doesn't want any smelly items around her :) Well, you are not alone DK, my husb thinks the same! After filtering out, I ended up with 2 noodle soups one with egg, another stir-fry rice and one dessert. I found this recipe didn’t call to any particular ingredients and quiet easy to prepare it too…But the recipe is cooked over the stovetop and made some modifications to make it Vegetarian.

But to please someone who wants their fellow bloggers to cook soup in microwave, I tried to test in microwave…but my microwave never let me down to give up her event. Valli, here, my soup is entering your event…
I am giving both version Microwave and stovetop. For those who are not happy and really want to cook in stovetop. I will give the book recipe; the microwave version could vary according the power level.

Note: only thing, which I didn’t reach in microwave, is browning the garlic. I got bored of checking every few seconds my little amount of garlic, fear of burning! Ended up not browning and dumped to my soup. So please you guys don't be lazy, please make it golden brown!

As far, the soup contains no fat I consider it is healthy! Made with vegetable stock, almost fat free and easy satisfying full meal to all ages… I am sending the soup to Mansi who is hosting healthy cooking contest!

Rice Noodle Soup

Preparation time in microwave:
Noodle soaking time: 25 min
Cooking time: 12 to 13 minutes

Rice sticks noodle (3 mm):
1/4 of the packet (cooked yield to approx 1 1/2 cups of noodle)
Water: 4 cups to cook in microwave
Vegetable stock: 2 cups
Soy sauce (light): 1 tsp
Green & red chilis: 2 each! (really reduce it if u want less heat)
Lemon juice: 1 tsp
Peanut oil: few drops
Garlic: one pod: minced and fried until they turn crisp & golden brown (in a small bowl add few drops of peanut oil and add 1 min

Bean sprout:
A handful
Green onion: 1 bsp
Cilantro: 1 tbsp chopped

Cook the noodle first:
In a large microwave safe bowl , heat the water for about 4 minutes.
Add the rice stick noodle and let it soak for 25 minutes, if they re still not done after 25 min well it happened to me (I kept the noodle for another 2 min in microwave) - Came out perfect! Better not to soak as per recipe, just add in hot water and cook another 2 or more min!
Drain the noodle and keep aside.
Make the soup in microwave
In the same microwave bowl, add the stock and heat for 2 minutes.
Take it out and add the soy sauce, green & red chilis, lemon juice,salt and noodle keep for another 3 to 4 minutes, until they turn hot!
Take a serving bowl, add the noodle and soup, garnish with fried garlic, cilantro, green onion and bean sprout.

Preparing in stovetop
Boil the water and pour in rice stick noodle. Let it soak for 25 min.
Once it is soaked drain it. (don't worry if they re not fully done - u re going to cook with broth again)
Pour the Vegetable stock in a large pot, and heat up.
Add the soy sauce, chilis, lemon juice, salt and noodle.
Simmer the stove and cook for 10 min!
Heat a small pan with peanut oil, add the garlic and fry until they turn golden brown! Drain in paper towel!
Now serve the noodle in individual bowl, add the garnish ingredients and garlic! Enjoy your soup.
Enjoy this vegetarian noodle soup, It is a complete satisfying full meal for me!

Rcie Noodle soup

Happy Independance Day!


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Rachel said...

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Asha said...

Great post! I skip fish sauce etc in Chinese dishes too but it won't be rally Chinese if I didn't use that. Hey, who is taking me to prison for that crime? ;D
Soup looks excellent, great photo!:)

Asha said...

Oh, enjoy all your awards!:)
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Cham said...

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Soup looks delicious, dear Cham! And I love your presentation, especially those beautiful chopsticks :) Cooking soup in microwave is something I'm hearing for the first time! Way to go, Cham!

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Sireesha said...

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Cham said...

Medhaa,Suma U re always so sweet to share ur awards with me Dears
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Laavanya said...

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I love rice noodles, the soup looks yummy! Also, congratulations on your awards!

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Looks delicious. Have to confess, though I use my MW for a lot of things, I have never tried soup in it.

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