Friday, December 16, 2011

Tiffin Sambar (without tamarind)

It took 4 years to post a sambar powder recipe. First, let me say, this blog marked another fruitful year this week. I still continue with the same enthusiasm but not the frequency perhaps and you my reader have been my key motivator for this four years journey.
If you own a food blog, you can figure out the task behind, you cook, click, eat the cold food (my paper roast dosa turned like cloth), order strictly your kid not to touch the food until the photo shoot is finished. That doesn't stop there, while cooking I roughly sketch in my mind , how to stage the dish, which plates, bowl to pull, background color, lighting etc... One top of that, which I hate is all the dishes to be washed and the props tucked away somewhere. Those pictures have to be downloaded and my pictures are RAW format, need a further step to process and save it. Again, type the recipe with a related anecdote and this one happened only if I am in good mood :) 
Well, if the picture is delicious or recipe was fantastic- so many tasks are hidden behind the scene. My lone request: Respect others work, give credit if you have taken the picture/ recipe from someone. Thank you to keeping me in your reader!
I have already expressed here, I am not a sambar person :)  And this blog reflects more what I like to eat and of course what my little family appreciate too. They can survive with a bowl of sambar for days without fuss but not me. 

Sambar powder

Sambar Powder

Yield: approx: 1 1/2 TBPS


1 tbsp   Coriander

1 tbp     Chana dhal

1/2 tsp   Cumin

1/4 tsp   methi / fennugreek

5 to 6 Red chillies (I used 2 different type of chillies) (for color (Byadgi chilli) and hot plain red chilli)

Dry roast with a drop of oil , cool and ground into powder.

Tiffin Sambar


Sambar without Tamarind/ Tiffin Sambar
Yield: can be served for 3 to 4 adults


Toor dhal: 1/2 cup
Split moong dhal: 1 tbsp
Pearl onion: 12 small onions-peeled
Three firm medium tomato: diced
Turmeric: 1/4 tsp
Hing: a pinch
Salt:to taste
Sambar powder: use the recipe or  1 tbsp (of ur choice)


Rinse both dhals, put in a vessel or directly in cooker. Add the onion, tomato, turmeric and hing with 2 cups of water.
Cook until 4 whistles, let the pressure release before opening. Open and smash slightly the dhal.
Meantime, prepare the Sambar powder, mix with 1/2 cup of water.
Boil the sambar mixture for 2 to 3 minutes , add the dhal mixture, adjust the salt and cook another 5 to 7 minutes.

Now in a separate pan , make the seasoning:

Add 2 tsp of oil or ghee, 1 tsp of mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds, a pinch of hing, let it crack, add few curry leaves and chopped cilantro

Mix the seasoning in the sambar, serve with idlis, dosa, vadas,...

Note: As there is no tamarind, you should use a slightly unriped tomato to give the natural tangy taste. Tamarind will be not be good for this one.
You can  add lemon but not required.
If you have acidic problem, reduce the Red chilli to 4 and make the sambar. Can be eaten with rice too.


LG said...

Loved reading your post. I agree with everything that you have mentioned about the work behing scences and people who flick photos and do not acknowledge the work.

Tiffin sambar looks inviting. I ever made a version from one of the blogs which had moong dal as main ingredient. I must try your version. Dosa looks appetising :D

thebuddinggourmet said...

nice article. thanks for sharing :)

Manasi said...

Oh looks delicious !! I always make sambar with tamarind, this opens a new lime of thought !
Is it ur bloganniversary?

Vani said...

Happy anniversary! I know what you mean - when I look at my blog recipes, there are so many oft made dishes that don't feature. I like your tiffin sambar.

Reva said...

Congrats dear on achieving this milestone..:) Best wished for more achievements..:)
Awesome spicy sambhar powder..:)

Sayantani said...

It seemed like you were telling my story. only a food blogger will understand what a big task it is to successfully publish a post. we live in a small apartment and i hat to pull my bowls and clothes from a corner and then once done I have to put everything there.
the sambar looks awesome. great recipe.

Laavanya said...

Congratulations dear Cham on your milestone. Such a fun post too :)

That sambar looks out of this world esp. with the crispy dosai.. Hope you made another crispy dosai after this photo shoot and ate it hot and fresh

Cham said...

Manasi: yes it was.

Pushpa said...

Congrats on the blog anniversary.Awesome sambar and nice write up.Hey by the way I am not a vegetarian atleast not yet,cannot resist chicken love it.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

lovely post! Seems to speak to us/for us!
Love the clicks....

Sumi said...

very nice post Chams, I totally agree on what you have said in this post.
Congratulations on so much years of enthusiastic blogging. :)

Athisaya Divya said...

Lovely click Cham!

Chitra said...

Congratulations cham.. Loved this sambhar. i add lil tam. will try this way :)

Prathibha said...

Its been ages I visited ur space Cham..dono how I missed ur blog updates these days..anyways finally 2 b here back...that is well said story abt every food is a shame to steal the work n not giving the credit..very yummy n tasty sambar,even I make this similar for idly/dosa

Poornima Nair said...

Happy Aniversary!! I sooo agree with u. Often I make something I wnat to post and then I change my mind, coz I just don't want to eat it cold. And an hyper active n curious toddler at home makes it all the more difficult.
Awesome sambar, and we are all sambar lovers at home. I usually make a big bowl, so it'll last for days:)

Arch said...

Nice pics Cham and congratulations on your blog anniversary ! It is a big process to get every post out there, totally agree with u on that !

ruchikacooks said...

Totally agree, now that lil one is pulling everything I click pics one handed while other hand is shooing him away :)

love the sambar ingredient pics chamka- sooda oru parcel plz for sambar and dosa- any chances of vadai as extra :)

Miri said...

I agree with all the work that goes into taking pics.....and the patience of family members LOL!

Im surprised, you dont like sambar and yet you have a really nice recipe for sambar podi! will try next time, the one i use is different slightly and change is always welcome

Priya said...

Congrats on ur blog anniversaru,wat a fingerlicking sambar,i can have two more idlis or dosas with this delicious sambar.

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious looking sambar and site
nice to meet you

BongMom said...

Happy 4th Cham. The sambar looks very good. I thought tamarind is a must

deepsrecipes said...

First time at ur space,Cham...U got a good collection of recipes..
Pls drop in to my space as u find time..

Jay said...

wow...sounds very flavorful n yummy..;)
Tasty Appetite

Curry Leaf said...

Love the post and agree with you on the hardwork behind the pics and post.

Always thght sambhar had tamarind but this tiffin one is new to me. As you have written in the note, the 3 tomatoes will be providing the tanginess. Always depend on mom for the powder, too lazy to do at home. :)

Restaurant style pics, Too inviting.

Harini said...

Ah, the behind the scenes thing! I completely agree. It is fun but there is lot of work involved.:)

Very tasty looking sambar. I would love to have it with dosa!