Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gobi and Chana Kurma

Exactly another month, the school will close for summer vacation and just another day to end the State Exams. My son is happy not because he is ending his tests, just because mom will allow him eating anything cold. I always felt it is a crucial time of the year for parents and kids to be healthy.

Coming to the mother’s day, I received a handmade card from my son and I don’t dream to any other surprise/gift. No breakfast in bed or even brunch, dad and son are tad lazy guys. They prefer to go out and carry a take out. Forgot it, mostly that could be only pizza which is not my favorite :( At least, they remembered to wish me around lunch time. Well, I don’t really care about this particular day. Probably, I can go wild if they forget my B’Day!

I made this Kuma last week with only few items left in fridge. It turned out decently good than expected. Usually I am the lone person who loves cauliflower and they moan often if they see as a side dish. It is a quick kurma (except for the masala work) because the veggie cooks pretty fast and for the chana (use the handy canned version).

Gobi and chana Kurma


Gobi : 1 1/2 cup - chopped into big chunk
Chana : I used 3 /4 can - rinse and drained
Medium onion: 1 -diced
Medium tomato: 1 - diced
Ginger -garlic paste: 1 tsp
Turmeric: 1/4 tsp
Red chilli powder: 1 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder: 1 1/2 tsp
Oil: 2 tsp to 3 tsp
Salt: to ur taste

Masala to be ground:

3/4 cup
Roasted bengal gram/ pottu kadalai: 2 tbsp
White pepper:1 tsp (optional)- I used give a different spice taste
Mace 1 small piece- cloves -2 - cinnamon stick -a inch - (or use garam masala -1 tsp)
Khus khus/ poppy seeds: 1 1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds: 1 tsp

Ground all the ingredients into a fine paste.


Cilantro: few leaves
Mint: few leaves ( Must use mint gives an extra unusual taste)

Clean the Cauliflower
Chop into big chunk - and drop in hot salted (help remove any worm) - Usually the gobi/cauliflower in US doesn't have this issue.
Rinse and drain after 5 minutes.
Heat a pot with oil, saute the onion and followed by tomato. When the tomatoes are cooked add the ginger garlic paste.
Fry for 1 minutes, add the cauliflower and the spice powder (chilli, turmeric, coriander powder)- fry another 5 minutes.
Add a cup of water and adjust the salt. Cover and cook the veggie (it should be done very quickly) - once the cauliflower is 3/4 cooked - add the chana and the ground masala paste (coconut)
Now taste- adjust the spice level- salt right now and even the Kurma consistency (if thick add some more H2O).
Cover and cook another 8 min in medium heat. Don't let the cauliflower go mushy!

Switch off and add the cilantro and Mint (must).
Enjoy with plain rice or roti.


Laavanya said...

My husband is like that too.. ready to go out and buy but can't cook anything.

I made a kurma with potatoes and channa wanting a variation - this one with cauliflower sounds really good.

Sumi said...

Love the recipe as well as the dish it is served on :)
I too love cauliflower in kurma , than in any other side dish.
I took a day off from work today to relax but instead spend the whole morning blog hopping and blogging ;)

Happy Cook / Finla said...

I only started knowing aobut mothers day after comming here, so the day is not important well ibsay that but if they had forgoten it i would go wild :-) Delicious looking kurma.

notyet100 said...

Gobhi with Chana is new for me,curry looks delicious,..:)

Priya said...

Lolz,cham we are in same boat too, i dont care whether they wish on mother's day or not..Sometimes they even forget to wish me on my birthday.

Kurma looks awesome,never thought of combining both channa and gobi till now,will try sometime.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Thank god for school and the mothers day gifts... else I would get none too...
Lovely kurma.. love the spicy gravy...

ruchikacooks said...

Nope I didnt get any breakfast in bed either though I dropped enough hints :(

Kurma looks tasty, we are having phulkas tonite will see if I can make this.

Tina said...

Beautiful click..Kurma looks creamy and delicious.

Lakshmi said...

Lovely color of the korma. Chana and cauliflower is a yummy combination too.

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Breakfast in bed is too much to ask for me. Though I did get gifts from all 3. Lovely kurma cham.

Curry Leaf said...

Loved the post and the kurma. Here , also my dghter wished me around lunch time only but only when her father reminded her. But I am ok with it. Sometimes, I forget to wish my mom on that day coz of the regular routine work.
Love the chana gobi combo. Love the spices u have added.

Sayantani said...

having canned chana is a good thing. like this curry. often dishes cooked to fir the circumstances come out really well. love your bowl

Sharmilee! :) said...

Nice combination kurma...apt for rotis.

Usha said...

The curry looks so delicious, love it!! Loved the pic and the pot too:)

Only Fish Recipes said...

love the veggies you used in this dish...looks absolutely delicious....thanks for sharing:-) bookmarked !!!

Recipeswap said...

I love channa, love ur dishes and the presentation.beautiful click.

Gita Jaishankar said...

Hi Cham, How are you? Nice to get in touch with you after a long time. We are still in Pondy Cham. Any pondy trips planned at your side? This kurma is my fav too....sometimes I even add peas....looks delicious.

Spice up the Curry said...

curry looks awesome. nice one

G.Pavani said...

nice combo and delicious curry.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Super recipe..

Priyas Feast said...

Yummy combo of cauliflour and channa in kurma..i have seen this recipe,but never gave a try...Sounds too yummy..

Uma@Trendy Relish said...

We had a surprise party for this mother's day planned by dads (though we already expected it. he he)

Cauli and chana is a lovely combo. looks absolutely delicious.

reg. your comment on my blog: sorry for not answering sooner. Yes, the kids are doing great and they completed the state tests. For my younger one (2nd grade) this is her first state exam. They are eagerly waiting for the summer vacation, not for going to places but to wake up late in the mornings :)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

My hubby made it special by explaining my 4 yr old the importance and he made a handmade card for me :-) Kurma looks delicious...

hemalata said...

Delicious looking kurma, perfect side dish.

sweetlady said...

I love Gobi and Chana Kurma but curry is my favorite amongst all. I love how turmeric with curcumin tastes like in curry. :)

Anu Priya said...

Best Recipe. I loved it. Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe with us.
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