Friday, February 22, 2008

Awards & tags

When I started this blog, one of the unexpected things was those awards. Yes, when i received my first award, I was so excited and those moment was just unforgetable. I posted and even shared within 48 hours! But every month, i received a series of collection, i was keep collecting, posting pretty much every 15 days, later it turned out to be every month and now, I am totally lost! Yes, may be i was little lazy to go back to my post and find those links.

But, i thought why not to create a section for awards and Tags and keep updating immediately as soon as i received. So my front page will be no more clogged! Hope this section is going to break my lazyness and keep me back in track like other blogger friends.

The other thing spinning in Blogosphere is tagging. Well another time consuming section (my opinion), i did enough tags so posting in one page would help others to read about me. I don't have any other interesting stuffs to share .... Guys, if u want to tag me please read all my tags, i ve already did my BEST to tell about myself!

Hope you can understand.

Check out my interview about my blog:

My previous tags & awards posts:

Now i just want to post all my awards that i collected and still keep growing!

My first award:

By Shanti

Super duper chef Award

Shared By Vidhas

Amazing Blog

Shared by Divya, Uma , Suma

Triple Awards

Shared by Divya, Uma , Suma

Lovely Blog Award

Shared by Divya, Uma , Suma

One Adorable blog award

Shared by Divya, Uma , Suma

Shared by Mitr. Bay Area

Friendship Blend Award

Shared by Archy

Good Job award
Shared by Archy

Friends Award

Shared by Akal's Saappadu- Divya- Uma - Suma

You are sweet Award

Shared by Archy - Akal's Saapadu- Yasmeen- Uma- Vidhas - Suma

Emerald Award

Shared by Adlak's tiny world

Circle of Friends:

Shared by Akal's Saappadu Archy Suma

Given by Dhivya, Uma, Ranji, JZ, Subha, EC

Big Hug From JZ, Madhavi, Seericha, Archy

Presented By Pooja for my authentic recipe

Thank you Uma, Mitr-Bay area, Sunshinemom, Subha, Adlak's tiny world, Vidhas,

My blog inspired some of them: Shashree, Subha, Dhivya Vikram,Swati Garg

Thanks Suma Rajesh - EC

Given by Priyanka, Kamala, Divya, Subha,Dhivya Vikram, Madhavi, Kalai, Shashree, Rachel , Kitchen Flavors , Sripriya

Passed by Uma, Seericha, EC

Thank You to consider as a Friend:EC- Suma Rajesh (shared Twice)- Seericha

Shared By Swaty- Suma Rajesh - JZ

Shared By Swaty- Suma Rajesh- JZ

Wished By LG, Madhavi - Seericha -


notyet100 said...

congrtas for all of thm,..:-)

Malar Gandhi said...

Congrats, a seperate section sounds kool, and enjoyed reading ur interview:):)