Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Indian Cooking for Dummies

Indian Cooking for Dummies

As the title mentioned, this page is for dummy. I called dummy all the newbie to the Indian cuisine or cooking world! Welcome to the Kitchen world and have fun.
I still remember those days when i was a newbie in the kitchen. All those golden memories are still greenish! I started with slicing onions, preparing tea and upgraded later to make "Rasam" at the age of 12 or 13. I guess, you might not expect that i should post "how to prepare tea or coffee". I hope you have crossed all those preliminary stages...
You don’t need to spend many hours to prepare a tasty food। With little conscious and common sense anyone can succeed in this field! This post will contain mainly some simple recipes and doesn’t require much time to prepare.

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Simple recipes

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Ashi said...


Great work. I always like the way you present things. Indeed mouth watering recipies with creative pictures.I feel like flying to CA to taste our Chamu’s yummy dishes. I thought that I am missing Chammu,s recipes. But I am not….
Thanks for sharing the nice recipes. Keep up your good work

Medhaa said...

Hi Cham,
the muttar paneer link does not work.

Cham said...

Medha Thank you dear! I fixed it !

Malar Gandhi said...

Cooking for dummies, how thoughtful you are...and thats very interesting to know, you started to cook as early as 12-13, just like me:) And the links here will be really helpful to many, good job, dear.

arya k said...

OK, I am a novice when it comes to Indian cooking but I would like to learn..any simple instructions on how to go about makin chappatis/rotis

Cham said...

Arya Thanks for pointing, I will sure post this week or next about chapatis/rotis making method!